Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh): The STF arrested operators and employees of a consulting company located in the Freeganj region here on Thursday evening. The STF had long been receiving complaints of fraud, following which action was taken at two locations in the city.

Sources said that Ujjain STF has been receiving information about the operation of a fake consultancy company for a long time. Based on the information received by the Jharkhand and Bihar police, an investigation was underway to detect the ongoing fraud in the name of investing in the stock market in Ujjain.

While searching for the accused, STF detectives reached the office operated in the name of Angel Advisory on the upper floor of Rathi Ke Namkeen, Freeganj, when 40-50 youths were found there on the phone . Asked about their work, no one could give a satisfactory answer. The STF took everyone into custody.

According to reports, the operator of Angel Advisory is Satish, son of Raghunath, who lives behind the Durgapura Chemical Colony in Nagda. A certain Sanjay Rathi gave him part of the establishment for rent about four months ago. Rathi, however, pleaded ignorance of the nature of the work the tenant was doing. He also gave no information

regarding rental at Madhav Nagar police station.

Sources said a huge amount of computer machinery was also confiscated. Each employee of the company is interviewed at the STF office. Apart from this, similar raids were also carried out in Vivekananda settlement.