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Los Angeles, CA

800 / 288-8809

Los Angeles 310 / 788-2850

New-York 212 / 573-6100

San Francisco 415 / 369-8470

Denver 720 / 904-8560

Washington, DC 443 / 977-7215

Boston 617 / 897-0326

Michael S. Sitrick, chmn. & CEO
Tom Becker, Cabinet Member – New York Bureau Chief
Mark Veverka, Cabinet Member, Head – San Francisco Office
Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum, (USA Ret.), Mng. real. and Practice Leader, Washington, DC

Agency statement:

Sitrick And Company is not a traditional public relations firm. Our practice is specialized. We focus on corporate, financial, transactional, reputation, litigation and crisis communication. Although best known for our work in sensitive situations, we have extensive and successful practice in each of the following areas.

Since our company was founded 31 years ago, we have consistently been ranked among the top strategic and crisis communications companies in the country. The New York Times called us “the city’s biggest crisis management company”.

The majority of the company’s senior executives are former editors and reporters from news organizations whosethe Wall Street newspaper, the New York Times, Bloomberg, Barron, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, San Francisco Examiner, CBS News, ABC News and NBC News. We also have former practicing lawyers and business leaders.

The issues in which we have been involved include reputational restoration; litigation support of all kinds; intellectual property issues, allegations of inventory manipulation, wrongful termination, contract disputes, allegations of fraud and fraudulent inducement, wrongful death claims, allegations of illegal drug use, SEC cases and various other white collar crimes .

We have also dealt with criminal and civil cases against companies and their executives for reasons such as pricing, insurance fraud, backdated options, antitrust violations, racial and gender discrimination, harassment. sexuality, racism and #MeToo issues. We have a strong M&A and corporate governance practice and have done a tremendous amount of work in addressing short sellers and data breaches. Other issues include sensitive environmental issues, racketeering cases, family disputes and high-profile divorces. And, we’ve helped launch businesses from scratch and through IPOs and PSPC.