PROFESSIONAL services and investment management company Colliers said the Omicron variant has delayed some companies’ back-to-office plans and called for extending remote working flexibility.

In a statement released Friday, Colliers said the resurgence of local Covid-19 cases “will force officials and business leaders to reimplement and recalibrate restrictions to keep the workplace safe with minimal disruption to businesses “.

“The threat of business disruption can be mitigated by implementing and adhering to protocols that can stop the increase in the number of cases and protect workers. As seen throughout the pandemic, officials and business leaders continue to find ways to balance workplace safety while ensuring business continuity, ”said Kevin Jara, director partner of the tenant representation of Colliers Office Services, cited in the press release.

“Several companies continue to offer flexibility to their employees, for example allowing them to work from home, especially during peak cases,” Jara continued.

He cited the IT-BPM sector with many occupants registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, which issued circular memoranda authorizing registered business enterprises (RBEs) to conduct business activities outside of ecozones.

Jara said many RBEs could have started their back-to-office arrangements during the first quarter of the year, had it not been for the increase in the number of cases.

“Therefore, the government should consider extending the flexibility of WFH (homework) until RBAs feel confident in the health and safety of their employees,” Jara noted.

Colliers also highlighted the development of policies that balance the needs of office owners and their occupants.

“Mutual support and collaboration between government agencies and the private sector will remain essential for economic recovery and growth,” Jara continued.

The company also pushed the government and the private sector to encourage more people to get vaccinated.