Apple iPhone users have been shocked to receive an ‘incredibly offensive’ racist push notification after hackers took over a popular media’s publishing system.

The alerts were sent to Apple News by the trade publication’s account fast company Tuesday evening US time.

The message, repeated twice, contained a shocking racial slur and described a graphic sex act, followed by “THRAX WAS HERE”.

It’s unclear exactly how many Apple News users received the notification, but reactions flooding social media suggest it was widely shared.

“Has anyone else received this Apple News alert from Fast Company? Someone’s in trouble,” one Twitter user wrote.

The news aggregator app is installed by default on iOS devices in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

“An incredibly offensive alert has been sent by fast business, which was hacked,” Apple News wrote on its official Twitter account. “Apple News has disabled their channel.”

fast business then went completely offline after social media users pointed out that the same hackers also appeared to have edited an article on his website with a similar message.

fast businessApple’s Apple News account was hacked on Tuesday evening,” the Twitter post wrote.

“Two obscene and racist push notifications were sent approximately one minute apart. The messages are despicable and inconsistent with the content and ethos of fast business.

“We are investigating the situation and have suspended the feed and closed until we are certain the situation has been resolved.”

Journalist Matthew Keys pointed to the edited article on the fast business website, whose title was changed to “HACKED BY VINNY TROIA”, a reference to a well-known cybersecurity researcher.

“The name ‘Thrax’ appears to belong to a VIP-level user of the Breached online forum, which is popular with hackers and cybersecurity researchers,” Keys wrote.

“A previous article referred to two other hackers, ‘Badhou3a’ and ‘TheKiloB’ – unclear what their connection is.”

Breached, where users exchange information stolen in security breaches, is the same forum at the center of the massive Optus customer data hack.

Technical publication The edge reported that another article was published on fast businessbefore it was deleted, containing a “postpixel” message, describing how the attack was carried out.

The message claimed that the hackers were able to enter using a shared password on many accounts, including an administrator.

“Wow, fast business“, we read in the message.

“Despite the public degradation of your site, which has millions of visitors, all you did was hastily change your database credentials, disable external connections to the database server data and to correct the articles.

“What an absolute disgrace of a news source, and one that I would personally avoid…”

fast business has since revealed that its content management system was compromised.

“Clarify: fast businessThe Content Management System (CMS) was hacked on Tuesday evening, which impacted our Apple News alerts,” the company wrote.