Kolkata: A company exists in the name of Manik Bhattacharya’s son. And 2 crore 64 lakh rupees were found there. The Enforcement Branch brought such a bombshell accusation against the former council chairman in court on Tuesday. Manik’s name was also implicated in the recruitment bribery case. After his arrest on Monday evening, when he appeared in court on Tuesday, the ED requested his 14-day pre-trial detention. The intelligence agency also informed that the letters and CDs had been seized in court.

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On that occasion, Munir’s lawyer claimed in court that the arrest note had not been received. Not given to the family. The ED said an arrest memo was given to the accused. The judge said I see in the note that he doesn’t want the arrest memo.

ED says it found the name of a company linked to Manik. Manik’s son owns it. 2.64 crore was received in the company’s account. ED also said that the organization has reached an agreement with the Bengal Teachers Training Institute.

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The ED further claimed that 514 BED and BA colleges were charged Rs 50,000 for providing services but no facilities were provided. ED considers this transaction to be very important.

What else did ED get? According to the central agency, a CD containing two files was also found during the search. He has a list of names of 55 people. ED expressed doubts about their appointment. ED also reported that a letter had been recovered.

ED’s lawyer said today: ‘Those who are unqualified are now studying in schools and colleges. What will be the future of this state? Those who deserve it are still on hunger strike. Those who were eligible but could not pay did not have jobs. Those who gave money got jobs.

Meanwhile, Manik’s lawyer, Sanjay Dasgupta, said Manik went to the emergency office at 10 a.m. on Monday. He was summoned, explanations were requested.

The attorney did not request bail that day, but a request was made, with Manik’s cooperation in mind, to deny ED’s request. Manik also said that information about heirs’ land and property was also submitted. Additionally, Manik claims that he submitted all banking information. All payments are made by check. Monk also claimed that if the transaction was illegal, the check should not have been paid. Apart from that, it is also said that there is no FIR against Manik.