Kolkata: For one thing, ED is interrogating Partha Chattopadhyay’s son Kalyanmoy Bhattacharya at the CGO compound. Meanwhile, ED officials raided an organization and office on Kolkata’s Lower Rawdon Street on Monday night. This evening, a six-member emergency team left the CGO compound and reached an organization office on the third floor of building 227 Anandlok near Nizam Mahal. We don’t know why they do this. It is unclear whether the campaign is related to the investigation of corruption in recruitment or the manipulation of financial scheme accounts.

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The firm advises companies on investments. ED raided the organization’s office that day. The company is engaged in merchant banking, corporate finance, business valuation and modeling, transaction advisory. In other words, the function of this organization is to give advice on what to do in terms of investments.

This organization also advises how to prepare documents for taking out a loan from the bank. There are people in the management team of this company who advise on ways to invest abroad, to increase financial assets. If someone creates an organization or business, that organization also does the work of creating their profile. A raid on such an ED office is seen as significant at a time when corruption investigations are underway.

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It may be noted that while investigating the case of corruption in recruitment, the ED tracked down several shell companies of former Minister of Education Partha Chatterjee and Arpita Mukherjee. The properties were purchased overseas on behalf of these companies, the ED alleged in the indictment. On the other hand, Partha Chattopadhyay’s son Kalyanmoy Bhattacharya faced some emergency issues after returning from abroad. Kalyanmoy was also summoned earlier, but he did not come to the emergency office that time. He returned home last night. Then Kalyanmoy reached the CGO complex around noon on Monday.