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How Employee Assistance Programs Can Hel...

As protests against racism continue around the world, many workplaces are finally trying to challenge – and dismantle – their own systems that defend racist views and policies. For many businesses, well-positioned Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that nurture strong relationships with workplace leaders can be part of the solution. The author recommends six actions for […]

Boris Johnson’s friend suddenly changes

The HuffPost UKJennifer arcuri Boris Johnson’s ‘close friend’ Jennifer Arcuri suddenly changed her company’s UK registered address as MPs question whether the government should have given her a £ 100,000 taxpayer-funded grant . The Hacker House address went from what appeared to be an indescribable apartment building in Macclesfield to a prime property on Fleet […]

Ford, an exoskeleton company tackles the...

Credit: Ekso Bionics Ford workers test a portable exoskeleton at an assembly plant and their shoulders and backs can benefit from the program. EksoVest is a collaboration between Ford and the Californian company Ekso Bionics. In a video released in November, EksoWorks and Ford teamed up to prove the possibility of power, without pain. In […]

Rat scam isn’t just about numbers, compa

The stench of the rat scam becomes more and more murky as new details emerge in the case. An India Today investigation revealed that the address of the company mentioned in the contract is false. On Thursday, top BJP leader and former revenue minister Eknath Khadse raised questions about the contract in the Legislature. Khadse […]

Change of the address of the registered ...

Through Dezan Shira & AssociatesPublisher: Jake Liddle A change of address for a business is sometimes a necessary step to obtain long-term gains. A company’s address is an essential part of the information recorded (along with its field of activity, registered capital and company name, etc.), and making changes to this information can be a […]