Thieves targeted the office of a private insurance and finance company in MP Nagar and set it on fire after escaping with valuables; massive damage occurred to the office.

The thieves also took CCTV cameras, including computers and money. Computers, files, furniture and electronic items kept in the office were burned in the fire and when employees arrived to open the office in the morning they saw smoke coming out of the office and later the fire dulled the fire and was subsided within an hour.

The office is located above Punjab Dairy in MP Nagar Zone-1 and when office workers arrived at 9.30am on Thursday they saw smoke coming out. After that, firefighters were notified and they rushed to locate and quell the blaze.

The fire was brought under control within an hour, but smoke continued to rise until noon. Windows were also smashed to vent smoke.

Insurance company manager Shekhar Jayaram said that when employees arrived at the office in the morning, they got information about the fire, it was found that the computer system and cash were missing from the desk. The thieves also took the CCTV cameras.

The insurance office is on the third floor of the building, while a private finance office is located on its lower floor which was also targeted by thieves who attempted to rob it and set it on fire causing damage to everything office furniture.

The locks of two to three other private offices in the same building were also broken and property was stolen.