Infostor was started with the idea of ​​bringing interesting and unique information about technology.

Infostor helps its readers stay informed about current technological developments and gain technological knowledge.

Over time, Infostor has become a one-stop-shop for vetted, verified, and legit information about things in the tech industry.

INFOSTOR’s mission

Mission Statement: Bringing our readers factual, unbiased and up-to-date information on technology, apps, gadgets, digital platforms and NFTs.

To be one of the best digital technology platforms, our team of 20+ tech enthusiasts produces clear and easy to understand tutorials, step-by-step troubleshooting guides with tested methods, well-researched and well-articulated articles, tried and tested. apps and product information to enhance your experience on various online platforms.

While helping our readers inspire us to thrive in what we do, having our efforts and endeavors praised by the titans of technology and news makes us extremely happy.


Since its inception, Infostor has grown exponentially reaching over one million readers. To add to that, Infostor has been mentioned by tech and information giants like Forbes,, Techcrunch, Venturebeat and many more.

Based in Bangalore, India, our team of technology enthusiasts at Infostor aims to provide you with high quality and accurate information. Whether you need help finding the right gadget for your purpose or a guide to solving a digital problem, Infostor has it all.

Infostor is a trusted platform for “all things tech”.

Company information and address

INFOSTOR’s parent company is SMARTTECH MEDIA NETWORK LLP, an online media company based in Bangalore, India. The company registration number is AAR-6462

Address: SmartTech Media Network LLP, HD-045, WeWork Prestige Atlanta, 80 Feet Main Road, Koramangala 1A Block, Industrial Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560034

You can contact us by email [email protected]

Meet our technical team

Varun Mohil

A graduate in mass communication and a postgraduate student in English literature, Varun has been following the field of technology and digital for a few years. He has an eclectic mix of fin-tech knowledge that allows him to break down convoluted topics and present them in an unambiguous way. When he’s not writing, Varun explores emerging trends and changes in blockchain technology, NFTs, and other technology fields. He is constantly trying to expand his current knowledge and skills, so that he can implement them in his work and deliver concise and meaningful articles.

Aditya Sharma

Aditya Sharma is currently pursuing a masters degree in Computational Mechanics and in the midst of his mastery journey, he instantly connected to coding. Smart contracts and Blockchain technology intrigue him deeply. As he dives deep into learning, trading and researching tech trends, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, he falls in love with Web3.0. He aspires to immerse himself in the world of coding and become a Blockchain developer.

Krishna Saraogui

Krishna Saraogi graduated in finance from St. Xaviers’ College, Kolkata. With a keen interest in finance, he paved the way for the crypto industry. With prior knowledge of stock market trading and research, the do’s and don’ts of the crypto world are a journey to explore with him. Let’s discover the future through his eyes!

Shreya Banerjee

Shreya Banerjee is a BA Honors English graduate and an avid gamer. She is a professional content writer who enjoys researching the latest trends in the FinTech sphere. She is currently researching Web 3.0 and NFT games to better understand the wonders of blockchain technology.

Subhankar Mukherjee

Subhankar is a Fintech writer, who enjoys explaining Blockchain technology to a wide range of audiences. With a master’s degree in mass communication, he has a deep inclination for digital currency and how it is reshaping the world of finance. Apart from talking about art, Subhankar enjoys learning and sharing his knowledge on Digital Asset Management and Blockchain technology transformation through insightful articles.

Ethical Editorial Guidelines

Our integrity and commitment to what we do are two things you will see across our extensive digital footprint. We are truly proud of the caliber of our work. Our team of highly skilled professionals offer hands-on knowledge and deep understanding of the vast technological space.

Each of our articles undergoes a thorough quality analysis that examines formatting, graphics, readability, language, errors and other factors to ensure it meets our standards. Additionally, the journalistic integrity of each piece of content is preserved by separating our editorial team from the writers.

Although we may be compensated for purchases you make after clicking on one of our links, we are never paid to endorse a product or application or express our opinions. Additionally, we do not accept guest blogging for financial purposes. Our suggestions are objective and the result of extensive investigation and experimentation. As a result, our content is free from moral ambiguity and contains nothing that we would not want to use ourselves.